USB wireless jump drive?

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USB wireless jump drive?

Postby Xenon » September 19th, 2013, 8:13 am


I think something like this must be possible, but to be honest, I don't know what to call it ... I wonder if you know if it exists or what to call it ...

Our new car has a hard drive in the radio that you can load files onto (audio books, music, etc.) It's really kind of fun. It has a front USB port. When you take a USB drive and plug it in, the radio "sees" the files on the jump drive and lets you import them.

We have wireless at the house at the well. What I'd like to do is connect the car radio to the wireless somehow ...

For example ...
A little jumpdrive like thing that is a USB drive and has wireless connections as well. So, it shows up on the wireless network as something like a NAS ... a network drive of somekind. At the same time, it shows up on the USB port as a USB drive. So a "smart" device that acts as a translator between devices that aren't quite "smart" themselves ....


Maybe it's TWO USB devices, that talk to each other over wireless technology, (with or without a router per se). So you plug in one to the radio and one into a computer. What you "write" onto the USB drive at the computer is transmitted to the memory on the remote USB plugged into the car (and visa versa perhaps).


While I am thinking of our car radio, I think there are lots of places this could be used .... All cases where the remote "thing" is USB compatible but not networkable.

a) digital picture frames
b) TV sets that can read USB drives

anybody heard of something like that .....

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Re: USB wireless jump drive?

Postby Iconoclast » February 17th, 2015, 4:49 pm

I know that this is an old request, but have you tried transferring files using bluetooth? I would not be surprised if your car has bluetooth.
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