Avengers - End Game - SPOILERS!!!

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Avengers - End Game - SPOILERS!!!

Postby Xenon » May 3rd, 2019, 12:30 pm

What did you think ...

Overall I liked it ...

I actually liked the time travel bit and thought they did it well. I loved seeing moderate Hulk see crazy Hulk from before, and then kind of imitate ... great scene. I liked Capt America and Capt America and thought that was fun. I loved "they are SHIELD, but not really, actually HYRDA, but we didn't know that" ..."What, they look like bad guys", and then the elevator scene. I liked Tony and his dad.

I didn't like what they did with Thor's character. I totally get and support the idea of Thor being in a really really tough and dark place. He lost sooooo much. Find Thor fat drunk and depressed was a great move. BUT, they took it too long and too far. Thor needed to get back into the game earlier. I mean, really, would you REALLY take THAT Thor on your one and only shot mission to save half the galaxy? No way ... leave THAT Thor behind. He didn't really do anything useful anyway, Rocket saved the Mission. So, it bugged that THor stayed slacker, drunk, useless, depressed Thor so long.

Captain Marvel is a bit to inconsistent to me.... She can blast through a space ship, but can't even knock Thanos over? She can fly across the galaxy in minutes, BUT can't get across the battle field faster than Thanos? One moment she is allpowerful, the next she is nothing special, then all powerful again. So they send her away for 3/4 of the movie since they can't figure out if she is Over or Under powered in any given scene.

I loved Black Widow and Hawkeye throughout the movie. Their characters are great ... Hawkeye's reaction and character development is dead on. Black Widow's response to him and to the snap is perfectly in character. And the two of them with Red Skull was great as well.

Overall ... really fun. Good Movie. Nice wrap up of a great multi-movie story arc...

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