The Last Jedi

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The Last Jedi

Postby Iconoclast » December 26th, 2017, 1:01 pm

Anyone else been to see it? What are your thoughts? My first reaction was "just how long IS this movie?" As to entertainment, I thought it was very entertaining and a worthy part of the Star Wars series. However there were parts that were long without lots of action and if I hadn't been fully invested in the series, I might have found those parts boring. I thought that the new characters, specifically Vice Admiral Holdo, Rose, and BJ, were well done. I thought Finn and Poe were better in this movie, but that wasn't difficult because I thought they were dreadful in the previous one. I don't find many loose ends in this movie, I certainly am not having the same number of questions I did at the end of the Force Awakens. As to it being true to the Star Wars series, I know a lot of fans feel that they strayed too much and it didn't have the same feeling as previous versions. I think people are leery of the series venturing off and becoming more like movies 1-3. And like some reviewers, I thought the series could have ended with this movie. They could have tied up the few loose ends and just ended it and I would have been fine with that. Personally, I don't know what episode IX will have to make me really interested in it. As it stands now, I am not nearly as anxious to see what it brings as I was at the end of The Force Awakens. We went to the matinee and saw it for $7.75 a ticket and it certainly was worth every penny. Even with $20 worth of sodas, slurpees and popcorn tacked on.
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I didn't like it much to be honest ...

Postby Xenon » December 28th, 2017, 11:52 am

To be honest, I didn't enjoy it. I have decided that the issue for me was that, for the first time in a Star Wars movie for me, the "broke the movie magic". All movies, and especially SciFi require a large dose of the "suspension of disbelief" in order to be sucked into the movie and get involved with the movie. This one, at least for me, completely broke that... and I never felt myself pulled into the movie, into the "suspension of disbelief", into the emotion of the movie.

Opening scene, starts out with Poe "trolling" Hux on a prank call. Really, that is your opening tone? That is supposed to pull me in? That's obnoxious teenagers. Then a few minutes later, the Rebels start GRAVITY BOMBING the First Order Dreadnaught. REALLY? GRAVITY bombs in space that you drop on the bad guys ship? GRAVITY bombs? Now I'm just sitting there, thinking to myself "This is just silly", and "This is just childish". NOW, were there UNBELIEVABLE parts of the other movies .... ABSOLUTELY ... but was sucked into the story, i was wrapped up in the movie magic and I just overlooked them. This one, I was not "into" the movie, and so I was watching it from outside and just shaking my head at the ridiculousness of the whole thing...

How long is the story line of the Last Jedi?
Rey is on Jedi Island with Luke for at least days if not weeks. Finn and Rose take off for CasinoWorld, land in the daytime, are there through the night, plus travel time to get there and back, so a timeline measured in hours to days. Leia and Poe and PurpleHair are on the fleet with a timeline measured in minutes to hours. ALL happening simultaneously!!! Oh come on! NOW, here is the kicker ... Empire strikes back has essentially the exact same timeline problem (Luke with Yoda is at least weeks, but Han and Leia at cloud city is days at the most).... BUT I was sooooo sucked into the story line in Empire that I complete missed the timeline issues when i first saw it..... BUT in Last Jedi, I was so disconnected from the story, I just sat there and said "Hey, this would never ever work....."

I still don't get why I am supposed to like or root for or even care about Finn? He isn't the Brave Hero, he just wants to run away all the time. He isn't the exciting swashbuckler. He isn't the committed warrior fighting for a cause. My wife says I'm supposed to like him because he is fiercely loyal to Rey, and because he broke the First Order brainwash. That's not enough to me somehow. He isn't a character that draws me enough to care about him.

Purple Hair ... manages to get almost the entire fleet destroyed ... yeah, not all her fault, but certainly not the great War Leader.....

Leia ... space walks in a coma through the hard vaccuum of space through a debris field looking like Mary Poppins flying into save the kids..... OH COME ON. Yeah, we always KNOWN she was Force Sensitive at least ... but her first major Force action is HUGE, and completely impossible and IN A COMA!!!

Luke says to Rey that I'll give you three lessons .... what are the three lessons? #1: What is the Force? #2????? #3???? The writers/directors WASTED time in a super long movie on milking a sea cow, BUT didn't find time for lessons #2 and #3?

Luke can cast a "force ghost" across space WITHOUT the funny blue halo..... that's cool. So why then did all the other Jedi Masters have to use something sooooo arcane as communicators. Too bad Yoda or Mace couldn't have cast a force ghost across space instantly in the Clone Wars to warn all the other Jedi of the Clone betrayal.....

Watch carefully the shots fired from the First Order Ship at the Rebel ship.... they follow a CURVED ballistic trajectory just like cannonballs on earth in earth's gravity field.... except they are in SPACE!!!

Hey, cool, now you can turn on and off someone else's light saber with your mind or with the force. Great battle technique .... simple turn off your opponents light saber and then kill them.... or turn on their light saber when it's hanging on their hip and slice their foot off!!!

OH, and NOW if you start up the light speed engines, you cut apart the ship in front of you ... kind of scary for all those ships jumping in and out of light speed in a fleet huh!!! Who needs a Death Star ... just take a ship and jump into light speed and crash into a planet. All those times that ships crashed into other ships ... those pilots SHOULD have jumped to light speed and then crashed....

And maybe because I was not into the movie, I thought all the characters were pretty shallow. Rose? What is she supposed to represent? The under appreciated just common man in the fleet? Still don't like Finn. Snoke ... cool character, let's learn more, or not, just cut him in half.


I know others really liked it ... Great .... I think if I could have been pulled in to the movie magic it probably would have been good ... but i was not, and it was bad!!

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