GASF Hall of Fame Project

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GASF Hall of Fame Project

Postby red cavalier » May 16th, 2020, 2:51 pm

I did a little research into roster composition over time from the Inaugural season of the American League, 1901, through 2019.

There are currently 234 MLB players in the Hall of Fame. My research shows the composition of the Hall of Fame should look something like this:

74.5 Starting Pitchers
26.5 Relief Pitchers
16.0 Catchers
16.0 First Basemen
16.0 Second Basemen
16.0 Third Basemen
16.0 Shortstops
16.0 Left Fielders
16.0 Center Fielders
16.0 Right Fielders
5.5 Designated Hitters

GASF is going to elect a New Baseball Hall of Fame base on the above numbers. We will go position by position. Obviously, many players played multiple positions (particularly those that were Designated Hitters). I will start a thread for each position for discussion.

Eligibility requirements:
Ten years of Playing Service in MLB (American and National Leagues ONLY)
Must be retired five seasons (So cannot have played in 2015 or later)
Must not be on suspension or ban from Major League baseball (Not Pete Rose, Joe Jackson or Buck Weaver)

At the end, you will Private Message me with your ballot for each position. You are free to post thoughts on what the scoring system should be in this thread.

Let's talk some baseball!

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