Nats vs Stros

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Re: Nats vs Stros

Postby Iconoclast » October 30th, 2019, 1:16 am

I think that if they are caught in any MLB stadium that they will be prosecuted for trespassing. So yes you are right that they could get into a game no problem, but if they are caught they face legal jeopardy.

Anyway, the series come down to a great game seven. Will the first team to win at home game the series or will it be an all road team series? It’s a great story either way.

And hopefully we don’t have a questionable call impact the game. Glad to see the call tonight not impact the outcome. Mob umpores seem like the best of all professional referees so it was surprising to me to see them make the call they did tonight. And follow it up with four minutes of waiting for a rules interpretation.
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