Nice HOF Class

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Nice HOF Class

Postby Iconoclast » February 7th, 2019, 4:07 pm

I'm surprised that John Lynch continues to be denied. Like Brian Dawkins, as a Denver fan, I got to see how great Lynch really was, even at the end of his career. For Tampa fans, I hope he gets in because Lynch really was a play maker.

I was probably most surprised by Mawae making it in. I thought some of the other finalists had stronger credentials. I'm really happy for the Bowlen family and for Pat Bowlen. He doesn't know whats going on so he cannot appreciate the honor, but the family gets to. I felt that he should have gone in two years ago over Jerry Jones as Pat has owned the Broncos longer and has had more success than Jones, plus it was Pat who championed the idea of Sunday night football (Football night in America - which was a takeoff of Hockey Night in Canada - which Pat was familiar with because he is Canadian).
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