CF PICKEM National Championship(s) Results

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CF PICKEM National Championship(s) Results

Postby *YNC* Aloha Nole » January 8th, 2019, 4:43 am

This week’s CF PICKEM came down to a 6-way tie for the win with a 2-0 marks for the week.

Tiebreaker #1 was: # of TD passes; Clemson (CFP National Championship Game; 1/7/19 8:00 PM). Chief picked 3. Dolphinsfan predicted 3. Domer guessed 3. GR82BACane called 3. Hammerhead chose 2. And Irish 78 took 2. The answer was 3. Tiebreaker #1 eliminated Hammerhead, and Irish 78.

Tiebreaker #2 was: Total Points Scored {Both Teams added together} - Div-1AA National Championship Game; 1/5/19 12:00 PM. Chief took 34. Dolphinsfan had 66. Domer selected 56. And GR82BACane went with 54. The answer was 62.

So Congrats to Dolphinsfan on winning this week’s PICKEM. This is his second weekly win for the season.

This is how everyone graded out:

2-0 (Winner by Tiebreaker #2)
Dolphinsfan Image

Irish 78

*YNC* MikeTheTiger
Aloha Nole
Seattle Irish
Shake Down


There will be no *Mulligan* for this week, as a *Mulligan* would net zero wins for the week.

Weekly Winners
Week 0 – Aloha Nole
Week 1 – Aloha Nole
Week 2 – Jake
Week 3 – D1SportsNet
Week 4 – *YNC* MikeTheTiger
Week 5 – Dolphinsfan
Week 6 – Shake Down
Week 7 – D1SportsNet
Week 8 – BCEaglesFan
Week 9 – Seattle Irish
Week 10 – GR82BACane
Week 11 – Red Cavalier
Week 12 – Seattle Irish
Week 12A – Redwood
Week 13 – C_hawkfan
Week 14/CCG – KKNole
Bowl 1 – C_hawkfan
Bowl 2 – Jake
Bowl 3 – D1SportsNet
NC – Dolphinsfan
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Re: CF PICKEM National Championship(s) Results

Postby MikeTheTiger » January 11th, 2019, 10:00 am

Congratulations to my son for his second weekly win. It was only two games, but it might be just as impressive that he came up with reasonable tiebreaker selections. I have to say that it makes me proud that he chose Clemson at least partially based upon his disdain for Alabama. I sent him to bed at halftime with Clemson leading and he complained that he didn't want it to turn out like it did when I put him to bed during the Super Bowl with the Falcons up 28-3. First thing he asked when I woke him up was if Clemson had won. When I told him the score, he gave an emphatic, "YEAH!!!" That's my boy.

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Re: CF PICKEM National Championship(s) Results

Postby Dubby » January 11th, 2019, 12:09 pm

I totally forget to play I at least would picket NDSU right :oops:
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