Pac-12 Officials under fire again....

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Pac-12 Officials under fire again....

Postby Xenon » December 1st, 2018, 9:08 am ... title-game

Interesting that it is bad enough that ESPN even acknowledges it in a story.

Commissioner Scott getting BOOED in the post game awards ceremony ... which presumably is MOSTLY the fans that won!! Scott seems to be fairly universally hated by the whole conference. Maybe that means he actually IS fair ... who knows.

It was the latest controversy over how the Pac-12 has handled officiating, an enduring story this season following a recent Yahoo report that the league's general counsel overruled a call in the Washington State-USC game in September. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was later forced to acknowledge the error in the system and make a short-term change in protocol.

And the Pac-12 Bowl Season looks kind of depressing for the Pac-12 again...

The Pac-12 will be shut out of the College Football Playoff for the third time in four years, confirming its status as the weakest of the Power 5 conferences.

The Huskies will almost certainly enter the Rose Bowl as a decided underdog against the likely Big Ten representative, most likely No. 6 Ohio State or No. 7 Michigan.

The PAC-12 has a structural advantage in almost all of their bowls... usually the PAC-12 rep is at least 1 place higher in the conference rankings than their opponent. But even with that advantage, the rankings seem close, or PAC-12 behind a bit.

Alamo ... PAC-12 #2 vs BigXII #2 .... but BigXII will probably get 2 into the NY6 bowls so it is effectively #3.
Holiday ... PAC-12 #3 vs BigTen #4
Red Box ... PAC-12 #4 vs BigTen #7
Sun ... PAC-12 #5 vs ACC #6 or 7

Alamo ... probably Washington State in the 15 to 20 range vs West Virginia in same range
Holiday Bowl ... probably Utah in the low 20s range vs Iowa or NorthWestern, also probably in the low 20s

PAC-12 might be favored in some bowls because of that structural ranking advantages, but certainly would not be if the rankings were equal....

And it looks like the fans in PAC-12 country are really mad at Scott for it...

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