Baylor mess continues ....

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Baylor mess continues ....

Postby Xenon » October 9th, 2020, 7:32 pm ... violations
The list of problems and lawsuits goes on and on and on....

I'm torn in a lot of directions on this ...
1) Overall, this all takes TOO LONG ... by the time the NCAA, the DOE, the DOJ, the Texas Rangers, etc etc etc all finish their investigations, the students involved are all LONG GONE, the coaches and ADs and even Presidents are long gone as well. SOMEHOW we need to speed this up. Justice Delayed for a decade is just not right.

2) Baylor should be punished severely for this, but I don't think they will be. That's back to the first argument again in many ways ... SINCE it's decade later, they make the argument not to be punished because everyone involved is long gone so you are punishing the wrong people. AND I TOTALLY AGREE. Punishing Baylor NOW makes no sense because the people involved feel none of the punishment. Which is why we have to get faster at the investigations and punishments. BUT I think it wrong that because everything is so slow, no punishments are appropriate.

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