How SHOULD / How WILL AP/Coaches rankings be done?

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How SHOULD / How WILL AP/Coaches rankings be done?

Postby Xenon » September 27th, 2020, 8:14 am

Most years, there is always a long discussion on the insanity of preseason rankings, before a team even takes one snap....
THIS YEAR, that is even more bizarre, as some teams will have played for 6 to 8 weeks before other teams take a snap. SOME teams will have played several games before other teams even really start practicing (or probably really nail down their lineup!!)

Oregon has had several more players opt out since the PAC-12 decision to play was so delayed, and they know no CFP berth is likely possible ... so pollsters don't really even know who is ON the team, let alone how good they are, to try to rank them...

BigTen had several players opt out, and now try to opt back in, so we don't know their line ups either, but at least we have schedule.

SOOOOO.... TWO Questions ...
1) What do you think the AP and Coaches poll WILL DO with ranking teams that are just now coming back?

2) What do you think they SHOULD do?


I think the AP did it right the first week .... a preseason poll with everyone, and then a week 1 poll with just those that have a schedule and are going to play. I suspect that is what they are going to again.... I think the AP will start ranking BigTen teams this week or next, and then PAC-12 teams in a week or two after the PAC-12 finally gets out a schedule and people are sure the PAC-12 season is really going to happen.

What I think I WISH would happen is that teams aren't ranked at this point until they actually play a game. LSU is a perfect example of the fact that, especially this year, teams are anything like what we think they are based on last year..... that there are way to many variables this year, with kids opting out, transferring, etc.

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