From OregonLive.... Pac-12 in trouble....

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From OregonLive.... Pac-12 in trouble....

Postby Xenon » September 21st, 2020, 7:38 am

Interesting Article from Oregon Live....

The BigTen was openly questioning the Conference's messaging and leadership at first ... at that eventually lead to the Conference reconsidering and restarting football.

The PAC-12 DIDN'T OPENLY question the conference, at least at first ... but I think that wall is starting to break and people are questioning how poorly the conference did on handling this debacle.....


The Pac-12 CEO Group met on Friday and didn’t come to a consensus decision about when to play or how many games to play. Multiple high-ranking sources across the conference pointed out to me that conference universities are facing different landscapes and challenges. Also, though, they whispered plenty about a couple of universities that just didn’t seem interested in playing with urgency.

None of those programs are going to publicly admit they’re hold outs. Be sure of it. They’re all going to say, “I’m ready. Let’s go. We’ll play.” But there’s some quasi protesting going on among the coaches who felt Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott didn’t do a good job of informing them or leading.


The College Football Playoff selection committee will pick the national semifinalists on Dec. 20. The participants will earn a $6 million payday for their respective conferences. And make no mistake, the entire calendar here is complicated by the fact that the Pac-12 and others are all chasing that money.

It’s why the Big Ten jumped at playing eight games in eight weeks. The Big Ten’s final game is scheduled the day before the committee makes its decision. The Pac-12 should really want that opportunity, too, but blew its best chance to easily position itself by wasting the last couple of weeks.


Last month, the Pac-12 laid off and furloughed droves of employees. The Pac-12 Network side of the operation was significantly gutted. One former employee said, “They blew out the entire company.” That includes the six-person social media team. The Pac-12 Network Twitter account, for example, is now being run by a single individual who has other duties.

It’s as if someone pulled the fire alarm and everyone left the building. Nobody in management thought much about how to execute certain elements amid the staff reductions. But as I wrote months ago, the executive teams escaped cuts. Essentially, right now, the Pac-12 Networks have highly compensated managers (Mark Shuken and Larry Myers) who have a bunch of empty seats to supervise.

“The managers aren’t managing anyone,” said another former staff member.

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