OUCH- PAC-12 Utah Furloughs entire Athletic Department

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OUCH- PAC-12 Utah Furloughs entire Athletic Department

Postby Xenon » September 4th, 2020, 11:04 pm ... y-pandemic

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah athletics director Mark Harlan confirmed that full department-wide furloughs and some layoffs are taking place as the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll. The postponement of fall sports, Harlan noted last month, could lead to an income loss of $50-$60 million on a $91 million budget.

“As I have previously shared, the financial challenges that we are facing at Utah has led us to make difficult — but necessary — decisions to mitigate the financial impacts of the pandemic,” Harlan said. “These changes include furloughs of various lengths for every department employee — including me, our executive cabinet and our head and assistant coaches. In addition, in some select cases, we have also eliminated positions through reductions in force. We also have eliminated all performance bonuses until further notice.”

They haven't practiced since March, still want at least 6 weeks camp before any games, and just Furloughed the entire department. They are in deep trouble.

Team in California, Oregon and Washington still don't have permission to even start practicing.

No way the PAC-12 can play this season ... it's completely lost.

AND, the fact that they think they are losing $60M or more from a $90M budget probably means they know ESPN/FOX are not paying the PAC-12 to not play this fall. PAC-12 office laying of people. Washington State laying off people. PAC-12 is in trouble.

Major Cudos to the AD at Utah for furloughing EVERYONE, including himself and his exec council and the highly paid Football and Basketball coaches ... PAC-12 offices of course only laid off the "little people" can Scott kept himself on the payroll, because he is "essential". He's got to be the worst commissioner in the NCAA.

OUCH .... all those people like trainers and support staff ... they need that paycheck every two weeks. This is just aweful that the PAC-12 poor management and bad decision making costs those people who had not voice in the decision to lose their jobs. I kind of wish the University Presidents and the PAC-12 leadership were the FIRST to lose their jobs after the decided to cancel the season.

Look, I really hate University of Utah ... but I don't want anyone to get furloughed and lose their livelihood, even if they do work for the "Evil Empire".....

I think the PAC-12 as a conference is in real trouble .... not just 6 months trouble, but years and maybe decade long kind of trouble. If they are losing $60M to $100M ($60M is the Utah quoted number, $100M is the Washington State quoted number)... that is going to take a decade to recover that kind of money....

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