Do you think SPRING Football could work?

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Do you think SPRING Football could work?

Postby Xenon » August 14th, 2020, 9:40 am

I LOVE football, but I think Spring Football will never work...

1) I don't think it works with NFL schedule ... workouts / draft / combine / try outs / etc. I doubt that NFL will move their schedule enough, and even if they did, the chance of injury sooo close to workouts/combine will I think lead to many top players not playing.

2) I don't think it works with the TV schedule. I think the major TV networks HAVE their sports calendars filled for the year. Any time that CFB would try to put the season will conflict with some other sport ... NBA, NCAABB, MLB, whatever ... something. The TV execs and Sports Commissioners have worked hard to built a year round sports calendar, and no sport is going to willingly give up TV time / Coverage / Days for College Football to come in .... Certainly NOT at the level of saturation that college football gets in the fall. No College Game Day at select sites, as that time slot is already set up for March Madness coverage, or NBA triple headers or whatever.

3) College Resources. As one of many examples, PARKING... I think a lots of schools the Football stadium and the Basketball Arena share parking. Having Football and Basketball on the same Saturday would be a nightmare. That is likely true of everything at the Athletic department, from Sports Information directors to physical trainers to tutors to work out facilities. If college football muscles into spring and displaces the Women's Softball team in any way at all, the Title IX people are going to go nuts!!! I don't think the schools are set to be able have football just up and move a few months later.

Just my opinion ...

I'd probably watch ... I love College Football ... but I really think that is a very very bad idea ....

If you won't play this fall ... I think you just have to completely lose the season...

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