I picked a fine time to ....

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I picked a fine time to ....

Postby Iconoclast » April 8th, 2020, 12:43 pm

Give up alcohol. :) Actually this month marks nine months. It seems like the perfect time to be imbibing what with having to be stuck at home. Booze seems to be one of the things that continues to get stocked up in the stores it appears, and they are delivering it to homes around here (love California, strictest gun laws in the nation, but they sell liquor on street corners next to the lemonade stands). So for those of you who still partake, enjoy a few for me! Between having my dog and walking a lot, eating better (although that is questionable at times) and giving up booze, I am in much better health than I used to be, although far from the strapping young lad I once was. So bottoms up to you all. I will enjoy my tea and coffee. :beer:
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