Windows 10 Partitions ... what is it SUPPOSED to be ...

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Windows 10 Partitions ... what is it SUPPOSED to be ...

Postby Xenon » November 2nd, 2015, 8:56 am


So, this weekend I updated one of the kids Laptops from Win 8.1 to 10. I did the "inplace upgrade" like they told me to. Got Win 10 running fine. BUT, it was a bit of mess because it had a couple of years of orphaned programs and stuff like that. So I wanted to do a "clean install" after that. No problem, there is a button in Windows 10 for doing that. Clicked that, and it started. In about 30 minutes it got to 50% and got stuck. Stuck at 50% for 4 hours. So I hit restart ... TOTAL DISASTER....

In the end, had to completely wipe the hard drive, install from DVD built on a different machine downloaded from Microsoft.

In that set up, it asked which partition to install windows into .... I picked the one that the instructions at microsoft said (I think) ... after the recovery partition ....

BUT, here is the problem ....

There are now 5 partitions showing up on the computer. A HUGE first partition with nothing in it, and windows in the third partition, which seems really small (already over 70% full).

SO, I suspect that I did it wrong ... and I'll have to rebuild it again....

What do I do?
Do I merge all the partitions into 1 big partition in Windows BEFORE a rebuild? Or is there a option to do that in the rebuild? Which partitions am I supposed to have? Where is Windows supposed to be? Where is the recovery partition supposed to be?


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