College Football PICKEM Rules

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College Football PICKEM Rules

Postby Admin » August 2nd, 2013, 9:13 am

College Football PICKEM Rules

--Games will be posted weekly on the PICKEM page for all players to choose the winners of. Each PICKEM week will go active at approximately 12 Noon ET Monday. A mix of teams, and conferences will be used so one Conference will not monopolize any weeks schedule. Every attempt to choose a wide diversity of games will be made. Occasionally even Division 1-AA, Div II, or Div III games may be selected.

The following outline will be used as a baseline for choosing games:

Week #(X)
+ All Top 25 vs. Top 25 match-ups
+ (one) ACC Game
+ (one) Big East Game
+ (one) Big 10 Game
+ (one) Big 12 Game
+ (one) SEC Game
+ (one) Pac 10 Game
+ (two) Mid-Major Games
+ (two) OOC Games
+ Games of Historical Significance (i.e. Harvard/Yale)
+ All Conference Championship Games
+ Sunday Games
+ Monday Games
+ Tuesday Games (If available)
+ Wednesday Games (If available)
+ Thursday Games (If available)
+ Friday Games (If available)

--Pick one winner for each game and submit them to the site by clicking the “Make Selections” Button. Ensure you have picked ALL games BEFORE hitting the “Make Selections” Button. The system may or may not allow you to miss any games, and still enter selections depending on your browser and it's settings.

--When the picks are received, they will be posted to the website. Check back to ensure that ALL of your picks made it to the site. This is done in the “See Everyone’s Selections” area for any given week. It is the individual player’s responsibility to ensure ALL their picks have been posted in this area. If they have not completely registered, go back in and try to add any missed games. The ADMINs do not have the responsibility to go in and try to retrieve picks after the fact, so please ensure your picks have been logged prior to the selection deadline. If the site still will still not accept the pick while resubmitting, please PM or E-mail the ADMIN for that particular PICKEM, or post it in a thread in the College Football Forum. If there is no current thread, start your own and title the thread "CF PICKEM" or something similar.

--One pick per person, per week. Any person using multiple sign-ins to post multiple sets of picks will have ALL sign-ins disqualified.

--Betting line point spreads DO NOT apply for any of the games.

--In General, the College Football PICKEM week will run from Saturday till the last game for that week has been played. All picks are due by the first kickoff of the games selected for the week. Noon ET (11AM CT; 10AM MT; 9AM PT) Saturday. Any game picks not received by the cutoff times will be counted as a forfeit. Any other deadline dates (i.e. Bowl 1, Bowl 2, and Bowl 3 deadlines will depend on the Bowl Schedule) will be announced in the College Football Forum and will also be posted on the PICKEM Weeks Main Page. Occasionally a deviation from this general rule is made, but a post will be made in the College Football Forum letting all the players know in advance. Be sure to check the “Event Post” in the CF Forum for exact closeout times of the individual weeks of the CF PICKEM.

--To make changes once the picks are posted, sign back into your picks and make appropriate changes. Once the deadline for that particular week has passed, no changes can be made.

-- Any time a player enters or makes changes to picks, the players are asked to ensure the picks are not only there, but they are correct. Occasionally, picks do not save correctly, particularly during updates.

--A one time per season “Mulligan” is possible but is at the discretion of the Admin of that particular PICKEM. If a “Mulligan” is granted, a person will receive the last place record for the week in question minus one win (i.e. last place record for the week in question is 8-11, the “Mulligan” will receive a 7-12). The Player MUST ask to use their "Mulligan", the ADMIN will not assign a "Mulligan" without the player asking to use it. Remember there will be only ONE "Mulligan" per player granted for an entire season, so use it wisely. NOTE: A player can ask to use a “Mulligan” at any time after the week close. An example is that a player can ask to use a “Mulligan” for Week 2, even if it is in Week 10. This can happen up until the final Bowl PICKEM Week has been graded out. After that time, the Season will be closed out, and no changes can happen to a closed season.

--If you miss a deadline, still feel free to submit “Late Picks” to the PICKEM Thread in the CF Forum, or PM or E-mail the ADMIN. The Admin will determine which games you are still eligible to participate in for the week. The main determination will be when the scheduled kickoffs for the games start. Once the scheduled kickoff for a game (or games) has passed, that game will be closed for selection. It may be more beneficial to use a “Mulligan” than to put in “Late Picks”, but that would be up to the particular player's discretion. The date/time stamp on the PM or Thread Post will be used to determine the eligibility for remaining games of the PICKEM (i.e. if your PMs time stamp is 12:15 PM, all games with a scheduled kickoff prior to that time will be closed, and you would be assigned a forfeit for those games). If a game is scheduled to start at 2 PM ET, but doesn’t actually kickoff until 2:05 PM ET, the closeout for the games is still 2 PM ET.

--As a player ensure you want to use either “Late Picks” or a “Mulligan” prior to asking for it. Once either is asked for, there is no changing your mind. An example of this would be a player asks to use their “Mulligan” in Week 2, which gains 3 wins for the week. The player then also misses Week 5, and the “Mulligan” for that week would gain them 5 wins; so the player asks to give up the Week 2 “Mulligan” and to use the Week 5 “Mulligan”. Or a player asks for “Late Picks” and ends the week with 3 wins, but without the late picks a “Mulligan” would have been (without that player’s “Late Picks”) a 5 win “Mulligan”. So the player asks to forget about the “Late Picks” and use a “Mulligan” instead. These are not permitted. If a player asks to use it, it is a done deal. So ensure it is what you want to do prior to asking for it.

--If a player knows ahead of time that they will not be able to sign onto the site to make their picks (deployments, vacations, business, travel, etc.) You can let the PICKEM Admin for each particular PICKEM know BEFORE it happens, and the Admin can assign you a "Consensus" for that week/weeks in question. The PICKEM Admin MUST be asked to do this PRIOR to the week. No blanket "Consensus" rules will be accepted (i.e. A player asks the Admin to assign them a "Consensus" anytime they miss the deadline).

--If "Late Picks" or a "Consensus" are used, a player will NOT be assigned any tiebreakers for that week. If that particular player comes down to a tie for the win that week, the win will automatically go to the other player/players by default.

--In the event of a tie (weekly), it will go to the weekly tiebreaker to determine the winner. If there is still a tie (i.e. One person is 5 yards over and one is 5 yards under), it will go to the second tiebreaker.

--If the tie is still maintained after the second tiebreaker, then there will be two winners for the week, unless one of those persons has won in a previous week during this season (*the win will default to the person that has not yet won, this year*). The Annual PICKEM Awards at the end of the season will still reflect 2 winners for the week.

--Standings will be kept on the PICKEM website and will be updated weekly, once all games have been played and scores for all players have been tabulated.

--Season standing will be maintained, anyone missing any weeks games, will receive forfeits for all games that week.

--In the event of a tie (end of the year), it will go to the last tiebreaker that was not used (to determine a weekly winner during the season) to determine the overall winner; starting with Bowl 3 Tie #2. (Bowl 3 Tie #2 will be used first, then Bowl 3 Tie #1, then Bowl 2 Tie #2, etc...). The use of tiebreakers would continue to go back until the tie is broken. This may mean that 3 or 4 (or more) tiebreakers could be used to break the season ending tie.

--The overall winner, at the end of the year, will have his/her name listed as the ‘PICKEM’ National Champion. Along with this Championship goes the bragging rights for one year, within the appropriate Forum of That person will also receive praise from all others that lost. He/She will also have the *YNC* (YOUR NATIONAL CHAMPION) addition to his/her personnel moniker (i.e. *YNC* Cavfan) for the entire following year, if they desire. For, after all, the Champion always has a BULLSEYE on his/her chest the following year.

--If anyone experiences problems posting the picks to the site, you may E-mail your picks to the Administrators for that particular PICKEM game (send to this one first), or the Admins of the site (if the PICKEM Admin cannot be reached). In the case of the College Football PICKEM the ADMIN is Aloha Nole.

--Anyone and everyone is invited to play the CF PICKEM and all the PICKEMs at GASF. So if you have any friends or co-workers that you think would like to play, feel free to invite them.

--Good Luck and enjoy the games.

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