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Site NameDescription
Baseball AlmanacBaseball Almanac has more baseball history, awards, records, lists, quotations, and stats than any other baseball site on the Internet. 
Baseball ArchiveOnline Baseball Encyclopedia, database, records, history, columns, etc. 
Baseball StatsPark factors, standings, "new" statistics, etc. 
Baseball-ReferenceTeam histories, career and single season leaders, awards, etc. 
User Images PageHere you can view all the user submitted images. 
College Football 
CF Data WarehousePolls, historical achievements, etc. 
CF Research CenterTons of research information on...what else...College Football. Home Of The Billingsley Report On Major College Football. 
College Football DigestA great site with news, game previews, predictions and weekly talk around college football 
College Sports Info
Discussion and info on conferences and realignment
CollegeFootballNewsNews, all-time best lists, etc. 
National champions, Facts & Figures, statistics, etc.
Fight SongsFind all your favorite fight songs here. 
Historical ScoresAll-time results by team and by year. 
iDawg's Defensive RatingsStatistical defensive ratings. 
Massey Ratings
Home page of Kenneth Massey's ratings system (BCS component) and his ratings compilation and comparison.
Pigskin PostGood editorials on College Football. 
Rich Tellshow's BCS Analysis
A great site for latest BCS rules, standings, and analysis. Tons of information, explanations, and helpful links.
RSFC HomepageHistoric AP and Coaches polls, conference champs, bowl results, head-to-head series results, etc. 
STASSEN.COMCompare WPct. over any span of years, yearly records, preseason poll accuracy, etc. 
Conference Links 
ACCThe official athletic site of the ACC 
Big EastThe Official website of the Big East 
Big SkySomebody had to add them. 
Big TenOffical website of the Big Ten conference 
Big XIIOfficial website of the Big XII conference 
MACThe official athletic site of Mid-American Conference 
MWCOfficial website of the Mountain West Conference 
Pac 10The Conference of Champions 
SECOfficial site for the Southeastern Conference 
Sun BeltOfficial website of the Sun Belt Conference 
WACOfficial website of the Western Athletic Conference 
AdCritic.comReviews and previews of current TV adds and upcoming movie trailers. 
Joe CartoonFunniest flash movies on the web. Recomend High bandwidth only. 
The OnionAmerica's Finest Newsource. 
High Tech / Space 
AnchorDeskGreat site on the world of technology. Reviews, opinions, advice. 
The PC enthusiast's resource.
NASAIn the fiery machinery of the night sky, where neutron stars and black holes wrapped in binary systems can flare and burst randomly. 
Technology and business news from around the world.
Website devoted to the exploration of space
The world leader in News reporting
Fox NewsFox News on the web. 
NBC on the web.
Online Newspapers
A comprehensive list of newspapers online.
Sports Websites 
The #1 Global Sports Internet Company (their words, not mine)
ESPNSports Coverage galore: CF pages. 
Fox SportsThe online wing of the vast Fox Sports empire. 
Red's RateComputer rating system for NCAA basketball. 
Sports Illustrated
Do I really need a description here?
Sportspages.comLinks to many of the online sports sections of your local papers and mine. 
The Sporting NewsThe Sporting News online edition. 
What-If SportsEver wonder "What if?" This site specializes in hypothetical sports matchups. 
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